Founded in 1985 in Mirandola in the province of Modena, WFM quickly earned the customer's trust on the national market because of the high quality of its products. lts expansion strategy, which has been carried out by a young and dynamic management team, soon determined a quick evolution  of the company, which turned from a producer operating into the national market into a world-wide reality, that is currently known in more than 50 countries.
The entire production process is still carried out in factories located in ltaly.
The production plant is located near Piacenza, in the Emilia Romagna region, which is well-known for its tradition of successes in the engineering field and engine production.
Through a selected net of distributors, WFM is now present in many countries all over the world.

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The technology investments of WFM have been oriented to increase the production capacity and the high quality and flexibility of its products. Totally automated laminate production chains and the latest generation painting systems make it possible in order to satisfy every customer's need. The WFM plants are equipped with modern hallmark punching, laser cutting and bending machines, welding robots as well as painting systems using polyester powder paint for external use and which all comply with new environmental laws and regulations.

AND vanguard power generators and lighting towers for every application field

The range of WFM's products is very wide and it is constantly updated to meet the requirements of the global market. The power generators are manufactured with the best diesel or petrol engines’ brand available on the market. The soundproofed galvanized canopies are manufactured within WFM's own factories. For specific applications, such as for cinema and entertainment industry, WFM also manufactures power generators with noise levels of less than 59dB(A). Furthermore WFM offers compact power generators, gen-sets with synchronization systems for power stations, units equipped with remote control devices, engine driven welders, motorpumps, PTO shaft generators and lighting towers.  The lighting towers, equipped with hydraulic elevation system and LED technology, are mostly used for very heavy application such as civil defense and rental sector. 

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