Standard Generators + UPS

Generator and UPS work in sinergy to provide 24h power to the user. The generator is capable to supply the main load while the UPS is assigned to maintain the base load when the demand is low.


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This solution is born thinking to the construction sites where during the daytime the request for load is high and the generator provides power while charging the UPS. During the night time when there is no work to get done the UPS is able to provide a basic load, for several hours, to keep working utilities such as service light and site alarms.
The UPS can be also used as a power boost device, coupled with the generator, when there is a peak load request, or it can be used alone to supply power up to 24kW (21kW continuous), where a generator cannot be used.


 DSC0469 WFM


Standard Generator + Lithium Battery + Inverter

This system works in the same way as it does the standard generator coupled with the UPS. The only difference is that this system is all integrated and they cannot be transported alone. The principle of functioning is the same.

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