WFM LED Lighting Tower can be equipped with three different regulation systems of its lighting modules: MANUAL, by locking knobd; ELECTRIC, via motorized piston; DUAL, using both these mechanism at the same time.

 It ensures in every application field:

  • INSTANT LIGHT with no strike up delay and no waiting time for the bulbs cooling
  • FUEL SAVINGwith up to 50% less consumption than incandescent systems
  • LONG-LIFE five times longer than best traditional lamps
  • LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT (thanks to its lower consumption and to the lack of hard o materials to dispose, i.e. mercury)
  • MORE SAFETY due to the low voltage used and with no ultraviolet infrared radiation.

 led VS metal halide WFM


  • Hydraulic mast made of galvanized steel
  • Maximum height 9 m
  • Rotation 350°
  • Fast and automatic deployment with safety system
  • 140 litres fuel tank
  • Noise level 60 dB(A)
  • Liquids bunding
  • 4 deploying stabilizers

These are the main improvements given by a WFM lighting tower with 8 LED modules of 250W each, for a total power of 2000W, compared to the same tower with 4 metal halide lamps of 1000W each and a total power of 4000W.

This lighting technology allows that in case of restarting there is no interval with dark periods due to the cooling of the metal halide lamps.

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