A wide and complete range of products designed to meet every customer’s needs and useful for various applications.

  • PORTABLE generating sets, rating from 2 to 35 kVA, available in different configurations: single and three-phase, petrol or diesel powered, air or water cooled. These generating sets are equipped with the best engines and alternators available on the market and they can be manufactured in open or soundproofed version. All the generating sets are easy handling, very versatile and reliable by ensuring an excellent combination of performance /compactness.
  • DERBY SERIES Lighting Towers ideal where there is a need for a strong source of energy and lighting, still with reduced overall dimensions. The LED lighting towers are equipped with a 5 mt mast, characterized by adjustable spotlights. They are moreover available in different configurations (BX, SP series) and with other specific equipments and optional accessories.
  • WELD SERIES very compact and reliable welding machines equipped with petrol or diesel engines.
  • ECOGEN SERIES which includes P.T.O. shaft generating sets rating from 7 to 58 kVA max specific for the agricultural field.


Single and three-phased generating sets equipped with Honda engine, air cooled, 3000 rpm, available in different configurations:

Open P Series with basic equipment;
Boxer P Series with a professional equipment including a central lifting eye and a 20 litres fuel tank;
Silent Star P Series, soundproofed and electric started.


Single and three-phase generating sets, air cooled, 3000 rpm, available in different configurations:

Open D Series with basic equipment;
Boxer D Series with a central lifting eye and a 20 litres fuel tank;
Silent Pro D Series, soundproofed, electric started, easy and versatile with an excellent combination of performance/compactness;
Silent Star D Series with basic equipment.


Single and three-phased diesel generating sets with electric start, water cooled, 3000 rpm, rating from 11,7 to 37,6 kVA. Strong and reliable, they are equipped with an integrated 52 litres fuel tank.


WFM lighting towers are easily handling by single operators thanks to their special configuration that dramatically reduces the height of the telescopic mast and allows effortless movements. They are equipped with an aluminium mast, with adjustable spotlights.


Combi Series includes engine driven welders with direct and alternate current that in “generator mode” allow the use of both single-phase voltage at 230V and three-phase voltage at 400/230V


Ecogen Series shaft generating sets, available from 7 to 58 kVA max mainly intended for the agriculture field, they are equipped with high quality components, are mounted on sized base frames and combine strength with minimal maintenance and low purchase cost.