NEW 70kW ARCHIMEDE BATTERY | FUSTEQ technology meets the versatility of LITHIUM BATTERIES

TecnoGen launches the new latest generation Hybrid CUBE FUSTEQ STAGE V compliant hybrid generator (also available with Tier IV Final engines) on the market.

Thanks to the synergy between TecnoGen and Archimede Energia (BGG Group), the technology of FUSTEQ generators integrates with the versatility of the new energy-dense ÆnerBox® lithium batteries, available up to a maximum power of 70kW and designed for the specific needs of the telecommunications, services, rental and agricultural markets. The Hybrid CUBO generator (22kVA standby) mounts six ÆnerBox® lithium batteries that guarantee high performance in terms of power and reliability with a photovoltaic panel (optional) and an EV CCS2 charging socket for charging AC electric vehicles.

This product uses the control of charging in DC current through a variable speed system and integrates the management of bidirectional inverters that allow the discharge and charging of batteries from the power grid and photovoltaic panels.

The strong point of these new batteries is the technology entirely Made in Italy based on a software conceived and developed by our Research and Development department; also, the Battery Management System has also been designed and built internally thanks to specific electronic and mechanical expertise.
Other key features, such as the high number of charging cycles, the absence of maintenance, the ability to perform rapid partial charges and the wide temperature range, make this product the best solution for energy storage.