We Play The Silence!silenced generators

Designed for Rental, Industry, Emergency Services and Civil Defence. Ideal also for Construction Sector, Mining and suitable in the most extreme conditions.

WFM has designed the ULTRASILENT Series paying attention especially to following features: low noise level, innovative VSi cooling system controlled by its special variable speed fans with electric radiator, high LAT (> 55° C) and low fuel consumption.
The ULTRASILENT SERIES includes soundproofed generators in ULTRASILENT CANOPY up to 650 kVA and 1250 kVA in the TWIN VERSION in container.

The ULTRASILENT Series is extremely quiet, compact and reliable, ideal for RENTAL, OIL&GAS, CONSTRUCTION sector and MINING (special mining equipment available as option). Due to their very low noise level, these generating sets are also perfect for EVENTS and Entertainment INDUSTRY.