TecnoGen has designed and manufactured for the American market a generating set capable of delivering around 1250kVA. This 40-foot container is in line with the latest American emissions regulations and consists of two Volvo Tier 4 Final engines of around 625kVA each.

Its tank has a 4200 liters capacity and if operating with only one of the two generators, the fuel autonomy will be 44 hours. It is also possible to connect the generator sets to external tanks, extending this autonomy even more.

The advantages of choosing a double generator in a single container are many: first, it will be possible to support a lower load using only one of the two generator sets, thus avoiding having to use a single machine of larger power and damage its engine.

Furthermore, alternating the use of the two gensets will reduce the incidence of maintenance work and bring in savings on the maintenance costs, since spare parts for smaller engines are cheaper.

Should a failure occur that stops one of the two machines, it will always be possible to count on the second generator, thus delivering the 50% of the power even in the event of serious problems.

All TecnoGen containers are certified for offshore use and achieve a very low noise level thanks to their high-density sound-absorbing material made of mineral wool (100kg / m3). Furthermore, they are highly professionally painted with a process involving first a sandblasting with metal microspheres carried out inside an industrial room, then a double coating with liquid zinc plus a double primer and finishing with a final liquid painting.